Preparing for Test Day


Testing can be stressful. Never go into a test unprepared! The best thing a student can do is prepare. At GEPS we help you as much as needed because we want you to succeed. Here are  some tips and things to expect during the test day.

  • Remember Your Test Date

    Once you sign up for a test put it in your phone. Mark it on your calendar. Set up reminders. Tell a love one to remind you about this test date. Do whatever you have to do to not forget. The first step to any test is to show up. Once you get to the test site, those empty seats you see around you are the people who forgot to follow step one.

  • Study Early, Study Often

    Once you get your scheduled test date, studying should always be a priority. Start early and study often. This will give your brain time to absorb all the information you need to learn. Anything that you did miss or forgot can be absorbed in your 2nd or 3rd pass of studying the same material.

  • Prepare

    Don’t forget to bring your government-issued ID. Every testing organization has different requirements about what you can and can’t bring. If allowed, bring scratch paper, a calculator (scientific or graphing if taking a math related test), pen or pencil, and a bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothes, shoes, and a light jacket/sweater because you might be sitting for hours in a hot or cold room.

  • Rest

    The night before the exam make sure to get a good night’s rest. Studies have shown to improve recall and response time and make you more alert.

  • Arrive Early

    Arrive early! Many things can happen while traveling to your test (car accidents, road closures, weather conditions, etc.) that could delay your commute. There’s no excuse for arriving late and many test centers close their doors after a specific time. Some test are even non-transferable and non-refundable.